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The Aurelio First Filipno Supercar

Italy has a Lamborghini and Ferrari, Sweden has Koeniggsegg, Germany created the Porsche and Mercedes-Benz, and, the UK has the Aston Martin. Arabic even launched Lykan hypersport and now, the Philippines successfully launched Aurelio Factor, creations, from Aurelio Automobiles. Supercar Factor Aurelio has a view that is quite impressive and unique, which at first glance looks like the McLaren F1 when viewed from the side, and like the Lexus LFA from behind. The company said that the body of Aurelio made of fiberglass reinforced plastic material, with carbon fiber components. For the engine, the supercar is equipped with Honda engine Aurelio B16A V-TEC or 4G63T Mitsubishi engine turbocharged 2.0-liter. There are no more details about the details of this Filipina supercar performance, but it seems to be updated by Aurelio in the near future.
At Aurelio Concepts Inc., we give the highest regard to Filipino Pride. Filipino Pride is our fuel, and Filipino Dream is our engine. Show your support to our great nation. LIKE and SHARE to our kababayans, and let the whole world know how the Filipino Spirit soars.
Presenting The Aurelio - the prototype roaring with Filipino pride, design, power, performance, and speed that redefines the meaning of "beyond luxury".
It all started with one man's passion, fueled by love for design and Filipino ingenuity.
Brendan Aurelio, an architect by profession, started building and creating his very first prototype car from scratch as a backyard hobby in 2004. His passion, though constrained by a limited budget, expressed its depth and dimension in a prototype creation that is seen as an original car that is uniquely Filipino, yet powerful and spirited to compete with global brands. His passion saw no contentment, as he devoted his life into perfecting this prototype. Through the years, car enthusiasts did not only notice the design distinction of the prototype, but more importantly, they believed in his devotion and vision of perfecting, fine-tuning, and innovating his craft.
From its humble beginning in 2004, through 10 years of research and development, design innovation, numerous testings, and in-depth quality assurance, the creator now gives birth to a new prototype – The Aurelio.
Showcasing the prototype during numerous trade shows eventually paved way for a rise in public demand. Banking on skills, craftsmanship, and the art and science of aerodynamics, what was then a backyard hobby back in 2004, now grew into something stronger and faster. The Aurelio is passion and luxury combined, bringing value for money invested by any car owner. The Aurelio is not a replica of an existing car, but speaks of the buyer’s individuality and zest for design and speed.
Today, Brendan Aurelio is joined by Sonny Garcia and Peter Sy. Brendan's passion & precise craftsmanship, alongside Sonny's marketing expertise and Peter's business acumen and vision, paved way for Team Aurelio to become stronger than ever. Team Aurelio, the people behind the prototype, is here for you, raring to share The Aurelio. It isn’t just the potential and the demand that motivates Team Aurelio to embark on this business venture, but the thrill of bringing forth The Aurelio to the global market, because The Aurelio truly roars with the Filipino spirit, excellence and ingenuity.
Steer with us on our journey with The Aurelio, a car for the design enthusiast, the speed and safety conscious, the thrill seeker or simply for anyone whose passion and zest for the best is expressed by The Aurelio.
Drive The Aurelio – a product fueled by passion, crafted with Filipino ingenuity, yet bound by detailed engineering.
Stay confident that behind you is the Team Aurelio, always passionate and excelling in the way we do things, especially in serving your needs.
We run on the Filipino Dream.
We go full speed ahead with Filipino Pride.
We will continue to run on Innovation.

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What is Jeepney Art?

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